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[EVENT ARCHIVES] Free Community Tea @ honeyjones

[EVENT ARCHIVES] Free Community Tea @ honeyjones
Pǐn míng 品茗, tasting tea with tiny teacups.

Calling all tea & art lovers!

Broken Cup Teahouse will be pouring tea at the lovely honeyjones studio on Sunday, 7/10/22, 3-4:30 pm. This will be a free community event! No need for reservations. If you missed our 品茗 Pǐn Míng - Tea Tasting Series at Cicada in March, you'll get to experience it again at honeyjones! Come as you are, stay as long or short as you like.

honeyjones studio @ 270A Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138. PC: cambridgelocalfirst.org

I will be celebrating my birthday that day by doing what I love the most - sharing really good tea with others. It would be an honor if you would join me and Julie for a few cups of fresh and vintage teas, surrounded by her well-curated exhibition of paintings by local artists, and maybe find some tea or art gems to take home with you.